Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

It helps to automate and simplify the risk and compliance needs of Australian organisations.
Professionals within the risk management, insurance and managed services industries, along with individuals within other professionals who are in charge of conducting auditing and compliance.
It’s available right now, with updates being pushed continually based on our internal roadmap and customer suggestions and requests.
Anywhere where auditing and compliance tasks are currently being undertaken manually.
Because it drastically cuts down on the costs, time and staff required to conduct these activities manually.
By taking each individual control within each domain of whole security standards, and transforming them into manageable, approachable, self-assessment-style experiences.


Those providers tend to neglect the other side of the coin: technical vulnerabilities. By only focussing on the functional, non-technical vulnerabilities within target organisations, they’re leaving out a crucial parameter: the risks posed by the technology that powers the organisation, rather than those found only within the people and processes.
Pricing starts from $2950 for our base-level GRC offering, placing it well below most other services of its kind.
The Rezilens platform has been built in a way that allows users to provide their own standards and frameworks – in spreadsheet format – and have them imported into the platform by our development team and utilised as part of the same self-assessment format.
All of our servers are AWS-based, located in Sydney. Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication are also utilised throughout the experience.
In order to ensure the best possible protection of your data, Rezilens fully adheres to the cybersecurity recommendations outlined in the ISO 27001 standard and the NIST cybersecurity framework, both highly regarded international frameworks for information security.
All of your data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers located in Sydney, meaning it never leaves Australia.
Additionally, all of your data is end-to-end encrypted and backed up regularly, and we do not provide access to your data to any third-party organisations or affiliates.
Additionally, we are also bound by all relevant Australian data protection laws, providing an added layer of assurance for your organisation.
This will depend on the specific standard you choose to pursue, but typically, your organisation will need to review your compliance every 12-18 months.
With numerous standards available in the platform, and more being added regularly, deciding which should be your priority can appear difficult.
Usually, this decision will come down to a few factors, including:
The types of clients you’re looking to work with
Federal government requirements for your sector or industry
The requirements of the particular country’s government into which you’re looking to expand.
Our team is on hand to assist you with this decision, and will always ensure you’re equipped to make an informed choice that’s in the best interest of your organisation.
Rezilens offers an ongoing consulting service, whereby a member of our team is always available to help guide you through the platform, and answer any questions you may have.
As with our GRC platform, locally-based staff are very happy to assist you, perform troubleshooting and provide support to your team.