Cyber Insurance

Determine premiums, reduce the frequency of claims & empower your clients' cybersecurity resilience.
Your Challenge: Manual auditing is slowing you down and chewing up resources.
Our Solution: Rezilens GRC helps you accurately determine premiums, reduce the frequency of claims & empower your clients to sustainably improve their cybersecurity.

Added Value

Clients Claim Less

By measurably improving clients’ security, risk of cyber-related incidents decreases significantly, so they claim less, and you pay out less.

Accurate Premiums

With better measurement and indexing, you’ll significantly improve the quality and accuracy of your premiums calculation process.

Streamlined Business Model

Funnel fewer resources into manual compliance, do away with spreadsheets and streamline your entire cyber operations.

Actionable Reporting

Detailed, easy-to-understand reporting means your policies and premiums are influenced by clients’ unique cybersecurity postures.

Easy Client Management

With simple task allocation and project management, you’ll benefit from detailed insights into clients’ evolving maturity.