Cyber Resilience Services

Cyber Resilience Journey is based on five pillars:​

  • Identify vital information and security vulnerabilities.​
  • Develop and implement safeguards to protect critical infrastructure and services.​
  • Develop and implement a detection system for identifying attacks, assessing affected systems, and implementing a timely response​
  • Create a response plan that includes clearly identified roles and responsibilities for responders​
  • Develop and implement a plan to restore any data or services affected by an attack.​

Cyber Resilience Assessment (CRA)​ is used to identify where, how, and when cyber resilience techniques can be applied to improve architectural resiliency against advanced cyber threats.

At Rezilens, we enable you to conduct various types of CRAs, either by one of our experienced consultants or using our cutting-edge platform​

  • Cyber Security Assessment (General) – a light version of ISO27001  ​
  • ISO 27001:2013 Comprehensive assessment​
  • Cloud Cyber Maturity Assessment – Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)​
  • Australia’s Essential 8 Maturity Assessment​
  • APRA’s CPS 234 Compliance Assessment​
  • PCI- DSS Assessment​
  • NIST – Cyber Security Framework​
  • SOC2 and SOC3 Compliance Assessment​
  • Ransomware Resilience Assessment​