On the wisdom of getting a pen-test

  • Dec 21, 2021, 2:40:49 PM
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With cost being a top-of-mind concern for small and medium sized enterprises, cybersecurity in general...


Cybersecurity in general and pen-testing specifically, are often relegated to the sidelines. But in today’s increasingly complex cybersecurity environment, deferring or avoiding security can come at a major cost down the road. Penetration testing is a great way to evaluate the organisation’s level of risks and vulnerabilities before threat actors move to identify and exploit them. Some other benefits of pen testing include improved readiness for compliance audits and reduced insurance premiums. 

Certified ethical hackers employ techniques that are used by cyber attackers to test the organisational technologies and systems. For instance, they can identify your network’s open ports or your web application’s buffer overflow before they are detected and abused by malicious actors. Many more examples of vulnerabilities that can be picked up by pen testing exist. To name a few: information leakage from webserver metafiles, test file extensions handling sensitive information, old backup and unreferenced files containing sensitive information, etc. 

Penetration testing can assess several points of entry such as networks, web and mobile applications, servers, user computers, wireless networks, and more. Many different approaches to pen testing exist. Rezilens recommends the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) framework for pen testing.  

Rezilens uses a combination of automated pen testing tools and ethical hackers to help organisations identify their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Rezilen’s simple and intuitive threat visualization reports and recommendations make it easier for any organisation to acquire valuable and actionable insights about the security of their digital assets. If you’d like to learn more about this service, please contact us.