Cybersecurity and MSE's

  • Oct 22, 2021, 6:47:30 PM
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No one is safe in today's threat landscape, yet there is a misconception among SME's that they won't be targeted!

A common misconception among many small and medium sized companies is that they think they’re too small to be targeted by cyber attackers. This false sense of security flies in the face of research that indicates approximately two thirds of small and medium sized companies are targeted by threat actors. The average costs to each attacked company is estimated to be over $250,000, a figure that can easily drive a small entity into financial ruin and destroy its customer base.​

Another common theme among small and medium sized companies is that they simply do not have the knowledge base and resources to create or beef up a cybersecurity program. This is understandable. After all, their limited resources are best directed at their areas of specialty: food, childcare, travel services, etc. What’s the solution then?!​

Rezilens’s Cyber Resilience Assessment tool has been specifically designed with these business in mind. It is a user friendly web-based tool which enables small and medium sized companies to easily assess their cybersecurity posture and receive customised recommendations to address the identified issues. This assessment has been designed to the industry leading ISO27001 cybersecurity standard. It’s your opportunity to keep your business secure!​