Awareness and Training

Data breaches cost organisations an average of USD 3 million per breach and, human error accounted for 90% of breaches.
Those facts alone are usually enough to convince people security awareness training is important. Usually.
To reduce such a critical loss, it is strongly recommended to have an ongoing awareness training to :

  • Prevent breaches and attacks
  • Build a culture of security
  • Make technological defences more robust
  • Give your customers confidence
  • Have better compliance,  
  • Be socially responsible as a business and
  • Improve employee wellbeing

Many IT professional don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a security awareness program that will work for their organisation.
Our Solution
We empower your employees through various types of workshops as well as automated training programs to recognise common cyber threats such as phishing, impersonating, and account hijacking.
Our programs teach your employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats to business operations and also make them aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities when using various resources. Also, we offer new hire training and regularly scheduled refresher training courses in order to instil the cybersecurity culture of your organisation.
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