Your Challenge: Recognising and resolving your major cybersecurity issues.

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An affordable yet feature-rich Sass tool that improves transparency and decreases cybersecurity costs.

Easy to Use

Manage yours and your clients’ cybersecurity journeys, with minimal technical experience required.

Two Birds With One Stone

Identify and reduce both your technical and non-technical risk through a single pane of glass.

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Cyber Resilience Evaluation

Find out your readiness against cyber-attacks or any adversaries, from a people and process point of view through
  • A high-level assessment of your cybersecurity posture
  • Benchmarking your status against your industry
  • A succinct summary of your cybersecurity practices
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Website Vulnerability Scanning

Uncover the potential issues and vulnerabilities, in your website and/or web-application, and take advantage of a number of "low hanging fruits" and recommendations to fix critical threats.
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Main Features

SaaS Based

A SaaS-based cybersecurity platform, built by experienced professionals and supported by AI and machine learning.


Cheaper and faster than the majority of the manual processes still used in the cybersecurity industry today.


No technical experience required, with insights that can be easily communicated to your senior and executive team.


Customised remediations and improvement suggestions based upon your own unique security posture and cyber maturity with progress tracking option.


Intuitive portal, allowing managers and admins to benefit from a detailed, granular look into each of their clients’ evolving security postures and cyber maturity.

White Labeled

Full white-labelling available, where our logos and branding are replaced with yours, allowing you to promote the platform to your clients as if it were your own.

Our Compliance Portfolio

Cybersecurity Maturity Review - ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Cybersecurity Maturity Review - ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Cloudsecurity Maturity Review - CSA's CCM

Cloudsecurity Maturity Review - CSA's CCM

Ransomware Resilience Assessment

Ransomware Resilience Assessment

ACSC's Essential Eight

ACSC's Essential Eight





See how you can overcome your cybersecurity challenges with a simple and affordable solution.

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Consultancy Firms - Big4


Highly affordable

2.5 - 3x more expensive

Over 6x more expensive

Compliance Frameworks

Australian & international standards



Cloud Computing

Fully SaaS-powered

Not applicable

Limited cloud capability

Complexity and user-friendliness

Easy to Use

Relatively Complex

Complex process driven

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ISO 27001: 2022 – What are the New Changes?
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Steps to implement the Essential Eight
Steps to implement the Essential Eight

If you have planned or aimed to start your journey toward implementation of essential eight, here is a guidance which can help you to do so.

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